15 Mar 2020

10 Jenis Pekerjaan dengan Gaji Tertinggi

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Tulisan ini mengupas 10 jenis pekerjaan/profesi dengan gaji tertinggi (top 10 highest paying jobs). Meskipun bukan di Indonesia, namun di Amerika, setidaknya bisa memberikan kamu gambaran mengenai pekerjaan yang banyak dihargai perusahaan sehingga bergaji terbesar. Apalagi jika kamu bercita-cita ingin bekerja di luar negeri suatu saat nanti, who knows.

Berikut ini 10 jenis profesi/pekerjaan yang memiliki gaji terbesar pada tahun 2019-2020, dimulai dari urutan terendah hingga tertinggi ya, guys:


10. Ahli/ilmuwan data (Data scientist). Gaji sekitar US$96.000 per tahun.
9. Insinyur awan (Cloud engineer). Gaji sekitar US$ 97.000 per tahun.
8. Perencana keuangan (Financial planner). Gaji sekitar US$102.000 per tahun.
7. Pemrogram perangkat lunak bisnis (Solution architect). Tugasnya memahami kebutuhan bisnis lalu menerjemahkannya dalam bentuk kebutuhan software/program. Gaji sekitar US$103.000 per tahun.
6. Perawat. Gaji sekitar US$109.000 per tahun.
5. Manajer pengembangan perangkat lunak (Software development manager). Gaji sekitar US$112.000 per tahun.
4. Asisten dokter (Physician assistant). Gaji sekitar US$117.000 per tahun.
3. Pengacara (Attorney at law). Gaji sekitar US$126.000 per tahun.
2. Ahli farmasi (Pharmacist). Gaji sekitar US$129.000 per tahun.
1. Dokter. Gaji sekitar US$240.000 per tahun.


Berikut ini adalah video sumber dari data-data di atas:


Di bawah ini transkrip dari video di atas:

Choosing the perfect career can be a daunting task. But if you have to choose then why not choose from one of the top paying jobs ever. We’re going to look at the top ten jobs in the United States based on how much they can pay you based on how many of them are available and based on how many of them can help you lead a good life.

The things that you have to look out for or rather watch out for when you’re coming to the United States to work it’s not just the base salary, but it’s also important to where you’re working. And it’s also important how many of those jobs are actually available in the market. Because you might have a job that’s really really high-paying but that’s also because there’s very few of them and it requires a lot of specialization. So the list that is made is the top ten jobs based on all of these factors combined.

10. Data scientists
A data scientist is a person who sits at the intersection of Business and Technology. And they like to churn huge amounts of data and make decisions out of data. This requires a specialized skill set because nowadays the amount of data we collect is so extremely large. So to become a data scientist you need to have a background in computer science and statistics. So you typically do a bachelor’s degree in computer science, gain some knowledge in the industry and then go and become a data scientist.

Typically you would also need a master’s degree in computer science. Now with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning the data scientists job has really become popular with a lot of them making upwards of one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. Actually if you look at the stats in the last three years, the number of data scientist jobs has increased by three hundred and twenty percent. That’s a heavy increase and the salaries have actually increased by more than thirty three percent. So that tells you that the data scientist job is a highly lucrative one. The best cities to be a data scientists are Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle.

9. Cloud engineer
A cloud engineer is a person who works on the cloud with cloud software and tools and technologies. You must have heard of these three really prominent cloud providers: Google, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. These are the three cloud providers that are prominent and people who work on these cloud technologies are known as cloud engineers.

In order to become a cloud engineer you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or management of information systems. You can follow that up with a little bit of experience in the field, but since cloud technologies are new you don’t really have to worry about having a lot of experience before you get into your job. Top cities for this job are Seattle, San Francisco, New York and San Jose California.

8. Financial planning and analysis manager
This is a person who takes care of a company’s business forecasting and they earn close to a hundred and two thousand dollars per year on an average. This person is responsible for having a keen eye on the company’s financial data. They’re always looking at trends deviations and fluctuations in financial data. Their job is very very valuable to the company.

Most employers require you to have a bachelor’s degree in finance and if you have an MBA on top of that, that’s just brilliant. It will take care of the rest of your life basically and you will get into a good position at the company. A little bit of experience always helps. A lot of companies are looking for experience while hiring these roles.

So it’s gonna be a little hard for you guys, but you should always be at it. Get a little bit of internship done from somewhere or work as an assistant under somebody before you get your big gig. But once you’re there, sky is the limit because the salaries for this job are really really high. Hot cities for this job are Atlanta, Memphis and New York. Atlanta and Memphis they don’t show up on any other job but this one. So this is a really a good one to have for those areas if you’re studying in one of the universities in Atlanta or Memphis.

7. Solutions Architect
A Solutions Architect in the U.S. is earning a starting base salary of a hundred and three thousand dollars per year and it goes up based on what tools and technologies they’re familiar with. For instance a lot of them who understand Java, J2EE applications can earn slightly higher than the average Solutions Architect. So solution architects primary responsibility is understanding business needs and requirements and then translating it back to technical requirements and then getting it done from the team.

That is typically what the solution architect does in a company. He or she sits in a very important position between the business and the technical team. So what do you need to study in order to get into this role? Typically you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information systems, but for a Solutions Architect you might also need to complete a few certifications that are really important. And then once you have that you’ll need a little bit of experience as a software engineer. Major cities where you can get a job as a Solution Architect are Austin, Charlotte, Boston and New York….(Silakan tonton video di atas untuk mengetahui selanjutnya)


Source: Global Survival Guide Channel on Youtube

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